Carolyn Parker's Bio

Carolyn Parker was born in Southern California in 1965. From a very early age, she had been captivated by nature and the challenge of portraying it in her art. As a grade-schooler she repeatedly checked out John James Audubon’s “Birds of North America” at the local library and would do her best to make watercolor studies of Audubon’s illustrations.

While growing up she participated in many outdoor activities such as backpacking, hunting and fishing. There was no shortage of inspiration on trips to Alaska and Canada’s Arctic. Carolyn was always pushing to put these experiences to paper or canvas.

After graduating from high school, Carolyn attended Fullerton College with the sole intent of studying watercolor and drawing under the renowned artist Don Hendricks. While completing her degree she entered the juried shows at the college where she was awarded the Watercolor Medallion and the Design Medallion. Carolyn graduated with an associates degree in fine art. She also exhibited and sold her work at American Sporting Art Gallery.

Shortly after marrying in 1986, she was given the opportunity to work at one of the top serigraph studios at the time. Carolyn was instrumental in producing serigraphs for well-known artist such as Christian Title, Henri Plisson, John Cosby, Don Hatfield and Dan McGaw. While working at the studio she was blessed with the chance to travel to Europe and see the works of the great masters of art.

While working at the studio, Carolyn continued her education and earned her bachelors of science in biochemistry at the University of California at Riverside. She worked for several years outside of the world of art. During that time art became more of a hobby than a career but she continued to grow as an artist painting commissions and for just the pure pleasure.

Carolyn has once again returned to the world of art full time. Now living in North Idaho with her husband and young daughter, she paints from her present passions. Her paintings depict her love for farming, nature and the outdoors. Many of her painting subjects are right out her front door, either in the forest, garden or the barnyard. Carolyn’s media of choice are oil on canvas and board, watercolor on paper and acrylic on canvas.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Noble John

"Noble John"
Oil on Canvas

John is our oldest rooster here on the farm. He possesses the forbearance of a king which I wanted to capture when painting his portrait.  When painting, I was inspired by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Edwin Landseer, great painters of portraits, both of humans and God's Creatures.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Autumn's Bounty

Autumn's Bounty
Acrylic on Canvas

Last fall we went a little over board at the farmer's market buying winter squash. They were all so beautiful it was hard to resist bringing them all home with us. I could not wait to paint them. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did painting them.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


oil on wood panel

I recently completed this painting as a commission for a good friend of mine in Colorado. He came to me with the most beautiful craftsman style, quarter-sawn oak frame that even had little wooden pegs holding it together and asked if I could fill it with a moonlit landscape.

This landscape was very much inspired by American Tonalist Charles Warren Eaton.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Acrylic on Canvas

Gardening is one of my passions and produces many subjects for my paintings. These beautiful sunflowers were collected by my daughter one late summer day and just begged to be painted.